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New Sweden Cultural Heritage Society was chartered in 1989 for the purpose of sharing, promoting, strengthening and maintaining our Swedish culture and heritage.

We accomplish this through a variety of activities sponsored by the organization. We offer you lectures and exhibits, music and dance, Swedish picnics and potlucks, publications (including our very own newsletter), language, genealogical and history studies.

We welcome your interest in the New Sweden Cultural Heritage Society and we look forward to having you join us as a member of our organization.

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Kristi Gustafson, New Sweden President

Welcome to New Sweden's website. Participation in our organization is based on activities and events -we don't have monthly meetings. Please check out our upcoming "Events".

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New Sweden Cultural Heritage Society Membership

With your membership, you will receive our quarterly newsletter. The newsletter and website will keep you informed of upcoming meetings and events.

Be prepared to enjoy the many benefits of membership in New Sweden, most especially the opportunity to share with others your interest in preserving the traditions of Sweden in America!

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New Sweden Memberships

  • Single Membership: $20.00
  • Family Membership: $35.00
  • Patron Membership: $50.00

New Sweden no longer uses on-line membership registration.

Traditional Swedish Smorgasbord Recipes

Herring Salad Recipe (Sill Sallad)

Herring Salad (Sill Sallad)

Herring Salad is a must on the Christmas Smörgåsbord. It includes pickled beets and cold boiled potatoes among other things.

Pickled Herring

Pickled Herring (Inlagd Sill)

There are many variations of Pickled Herring.
The recipe presented here represents the classic traditional version.

Mimosa Salad

Mimosa Salad

Mimosa Salad is a salad that also comes with some variations. To this recipe you could add chopped up orange sections, grapes, and some peas.

West Coast Salad

West Coast Salad (Västkustsallad)

West Coast Salad is a refreshing salad among many "heavier" dishes on the Smörgåsbord.

Pickled Cucumbers

Pickled Cucumbers (Gammaldags Pressgurka)

These freshly Pickled Cucumbers are easy to make, and a good side-dish to many meat-based dishes.

Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts (Kall Skuret)

The plate is a "no-brainer", where you put together a variety of deli-items which hae been "cooked" by somebody else.

Cured Salmon

Cured Salmon (Gravad Lax)

Before preparing this dish, the salmon should be stored in the freezer for a few days to kill any bacteria, and then thawed in the fridge.

Jansson’s Temptation

Jansson’s Temptation (Jansson’s Frestelse)

The anchovies used will melt into the dish and flavor it wonderfully. A must-have dish in on the Smörgåsbord.

Swedish Meatballs

Meatballs (Köttbullar)

Everyone loves this recipe. It comes from a Swedish Food Magazine (Allt om Mat) from 1979, and has been my only meatball recipe since then.