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New Sweden Board Members

Officers of the Board

  • Steven Englund, President & Treasurer
  • Ross Fogelquist, Vice President
  • Tanaka Axberg, Secretary
  • Gail Hallberg Romero, Co-Membership Coordinator (Outreach)

Additional Members of the Board

  • Louise KarnĂ©us, Newsletter Editor
  • Pam Martin
  • Kathy Wilske
  • Stefan Nornholm
  • Sally Krantz
  • Eric Goranson
  • Joel Johnson, Co-Membership Coordinator (Finance)

Recent Board Retirees – We thank you for your service!

  • Anna-Karin Lindberg Rednoske
  • Ana & Hans Lundin
  • Jimmy Granström
  • Kristi Gustafson

Honorary Members & Friends

  • David Kleinke, Webmaster
  • Courtnee Riise Averskog, Facebook Admin
  • Kristin Farber
  • Martin Hulth
  • Sara Winter
  • Stefan Rosquist

We welcome anybody with an interest to work on the board to join us.
If you are interested, please contact the President or Vice President, to let them know!

The New Sweden Board of Directors meets monthly, generally on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. These Board meetings are open to New Sweden members in good standing who wish to listen and observe proceedings. Members are asked to contact the Board President one week before the Board meeting to report their intent to attend the meeting and particular interests.

Guest members are asked to respect the fact that Board members have an agenda to discuss and there may not be time for new business. Guests should be on time at the start of the Board meeting so they can be introduced and so as not to disrupt a meeting already in progress. After their introduction, guests will be able to listen only, and may not speak spontaneously, comment on any active discussion, and/or introduce new topics during the Board meeting. Permission to attend does not automatically include permission to speak at these meetings and permission to attend and/or speak can be withdrawn.

Only Board members may vote at Board meetings.

If Board meeting guests have particular interests they wish to communicate and if time allows, guests may be invited to speak at the end of the public meeting. If time is short and/or there are a number of guests wanting to talk, it may be necessary to set time limits for speaking. At times during Board meetings, the Board may go into Executive Session (closed meeting) and excuse all guests from further attendance at the meeting.