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Louise KarneusContributor
louisekarneus@gmail.comLeif RosqvistContributor


Pillars of Heritage in Oregon

When the immigrants came to America, whether Oregon or not, they searched for support from what could be called “Pillars of Heritage”. This support system made their adjustment to their new life in America easier. In Oregon and Portland some of the most important such “pillars” were The Swedish Society of Linnea together with the Churches and other Social Clubs, providing the immigrants with support so they could build a purposeful life in their new country.

Immigration Stories

These immigration stories illustrate the shared tenacity and will that Swedish immigrants possessed in their search for a better life in the promised land of America. The stories are trying to recreate the route the immigrant followed when immigrating in to America, as well as trying to communicate the social and physical challenges they had to face during their journey to America.