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New Sweden Objectives

  • To bring into a cooperative relationship all groups and individuals whose purpose is to promote knowledge and understanding of Swedish heritage in American life. To strengthen cultural ties between America and Sweden. To accentuate Swedish contributions to American life.
  • To foster historical research on Swedish settlement in America and to publish and distribute appropriate materials.
  • To encourage and sponsor presentations on topics of general interest relating to the Scandinavian community.
  • To interest people in their Swedish heritage and to involve them in cultural activities.
  • To encourage the study of modern Sweden including its language, history, literature and arts.
  • To foster an interest in Swedish-American history through the preservation of materials in local archives, museums and libraries.
  • To facilitate the study of family history through The Scandinavian Genealogical Society.
  • To develop interest in Sweden through exchange programs and communication between the people of America and Sweden.
  • To encourage schools, colleges and universities to introduce or expand Swedish studies.